Advantage Capital Partners

Fund Name: Advantage Capital Partners

Target Regions/States for Investment: USA

Target Industries: Communication, Information Technology, Life Science, Energy

Website (for more information):

Overview: Advantage Capital Partners is an innovative group of venture capital partnerships that has raised more than $1.6 billion in capital. Founded in 1992, the firm has grown to include offices in Missouri, Louisiana, New York, Texas, California, Illinois, Florida, Mississippi and Washington, D.C., with affiliated offices in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut and Wisconsin.

From the start, Advantage Capital has raised private funds to invest in states and communities that are underserved by traditional sources of risk capital. The firm has built a strong and successful track record of public-private partnerships with state and federal economic development organizations, facilitating the flow of billions of dollars of investment capital into these communities.

Advantage Capital provides equity and debt capital, along with value-added counsel and other support, to operating businesses that have the potential for excellent investor returns as well as significant community impact. The firm uses this dual bottom line to measure its success.

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