Bridges Ventures Announces Final Close of Bridges Sustainable Growth Fund III

CDVCA member fund Bridges Venture has successfully completed final close of the Bridges Sustainable Growth Fund III. The fund closed at £125M, surpassing its original target of £100m, and is two-thirds larger than their second £75m fund raised in 2007. The fund will continue Bridges Ventures’ focus on the provision of growth capital to small businesses, while seeking both commercial returns and positive social impact.

Through its new fund, Bridges seeks to build on its extensive track record of investment – the firm recently won “Venture Exit of the Year” in the prestigious British Private Equity Awards 2013 for its partial divestment of The Gym Group. The successful fundraise also speaks to growing interest among investors in sustainable and impact investment. New investors in the fund include the European Investment Fund and the London Pensions Fund Authority.

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