Case Studies

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Silicon Valley Community Ventures

This case focuses on the innovative initiatives of Silicon Valley Community Ventures for delivering high quality technical assistance to its portfolio companies. Learn more about how this works and the challenges presented as SVCV expands its program.


Community Development Ventures and Ntegrity

This case deals with an investment in an African American-owned company located in Baltimore’s Empowerment Zone, which provides phone and Internet services to underserved, inner-city markets. This case provides an opportunity to value the company, to propose a structure for the investment, and to negotiate the financial transaction and job creation targets.


Kentucky Highlands and Stainless Steel Equipment

This case study provides a vehicle for analyzing a workout situation. It discusses the challenges Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC) (the grandfather of the CDVC industry) encountered as it worked with Stainless Steel Equipment (SSE), a portfolio company in trouble.


DVCRF Ventures

This case study covers issues related to starting and structuring DVCRF Ventures, a CDVC fund serving distressed urban communities in the Philadelphia region.


Acorn Community Ventures

This case study explores the issues associated with raising a second, larger CDVC fund.



This case study provides an opportunity to learn more about valuing a company and negotiating a transaction. The case study focuses on a potential investment by Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), a CDVC fund located in Portland, Maine, in New England Audio Resource (NEAR), a manufacturer of high-end speakers located in Lewiston, Maine, an economically distressed community.


Boston Community Venture Fund and City Fresh Foods, a case study

This case explores issues facing Boston Community Venture Fund as it plans possible exit options from its investment in City Fresh Foods, a provider of quality services and jobs in several distressed Boston communities. The case addresses big picture issues related to the particular challenges surrounding exits in the community development venture capital field.


SJF Ventures & Ryla Teleservices

This case develops a number of issues facing Community Development Venture Capital (CDVC) firms today, ranging from round structuring to wage scales. It also presents issues in valuing a service company and judging the scalability of a unique culture. Other topics include various employee stock ownership plans, the benefits and drawbacks of subordinated debt, and CDVC job creation.


Emerald City Ventures II and Trouble in Paradise

Two short case studies. Emerald City Ventures goes into the decision-making involved with creating a larger, more successful second fund after learned lessons from establishing a smaller first fund. Trouble in Paradise offers vignettes for three small companies facing different issues in attempting to provide jobs to low-income individuals.