CDV (Meridian Management Group, Inc.)

Fund Name: Community Development Ventures, Inc. (Meridian Management Group, Inc.)

Target Regions/States for Investment: Maryland

Target Industries:

Website (for more information):

Overview: Community Development Ventures, Inc. (CDV) is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) company that utilizes “socio-economic” investing as a means to improve the well being of economically or socially disadvantaged individuals and businesses located in distressed urban communities throughout the State of Maryland. Our mission is to strengthen the economic base of distressed urban communities in Maryland through business and entrepreneurial development.

CDV is a revolving fund that will provide senior and subordinated debt and equity to businesses located within a distressed community within Baltimore City or targeted counties within the Sate of Maryland, or employ a significant portion of its workforce from these areas. At least 60% of jobs created must be for distressed, urban area residents.

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