Community Development Venture Capital Fund Training

The CDFI Fund is sponsoring a great opportunity to learn about and receive training and assistance in forming and operating a Community Development Venture Capital (CDVC) fund.  We are cooperating with our sister CDFI trade associations in providing a series of two-day training sessions this summer.  These sessions are provided FREE of charge under a capacity building contract from the federal CDFI Fund.  Participants in the sessions will be given first preference in receiving free technical assistance–both one-on-one and in groups–from CDVCA and other technical assistance partners.

June 16-17 in Baltimore, MD:  Training in forming a CDVC fund.  This training will be most helpful for those interested in forming new funds, but others may benefit as well.

July 22-23 in Denver, CO:  Training in understanding and becoming certified as a CDFI.  This training will be helpful for both new CDVC funds and experienced CDVC funds that are considering becoming CDFI certified or that have faced difficulties becoming certified.

August 19-20 in Kansas City, MO: Training in exploring successful strategies for geographic and product expansion in underserved areas and areas of persistent poverty. This training will be helpful for existing CDFI banks, credit unions, and loan funds.

Details of the sessions and how to register can be found here.  Remember, FREE technical assistance and group programs will be available in the months after the workshops on a first-come, first-served basis in the months after the sessions, and preference will be given to those who attend the workshops.  Please share this with others who you think might be interested in or benefit from these sessions, and/or let us know who you think might benefit from these services.  Please do not hesitate to contact Kerwin Tesdell at if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshops this summer!