CDVCA Celebrates Unlock Capital Businesses at Live Kick-Off Event 

With support from the Puerto Rican government, CDVCA has launched a new program, Unlock Capital, to help Puerto Rican entrepreneurs attract startup and growth risk capital. CDVCA officially introduced the first 11 businesses selected to participate in the program on May 11, 2022, at a meeting at the Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust in San Juan. 

The event featured brief introductions to each business by the entrepreneurs participating in the program. Representatives of key partners and stakeholders also spoke at the event, including the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, Invest Puerto Rico, and the Puerto Rican Department of Economic Development and Commerce.  The following companies are the first participants in the Unlock Capital program and spoke at the event: 

  1. Abacrop – farm operation management software developed to help small farmers keep all operational data management in one place. The platform is available through a monthly or annual subscription. 
  2. ARTESANO Rum Corporation – created and owns Ron Artesano, a super-premium rum brand distilled and handmade in the mountains of Jayuya, Puerto Rico. 
  3. Cuela – connects the specialty coffee growers of Puerto Rico to consumers around the world through its e-commerce website, providing visibility and accessibility to the specialty coffee of Puerto Rico. 
  4. Dame Un Bite – on-demand logistics for businesses via an online platform, offering an e-commerce app and a B2B platform. 
  5. Entre Panas – an agribusiness dedicated to creating value-added products like gluten free bread using breadfruit from its farm 
  6. Gasco Industrial – manufactures products for health (disinfectants, detergents, hand sanitizer) and flavor (seasoning blends, vanilla flavor, vinegar). Gasco also makes private label products for large companies. 
  7. Omics Global Solutions – innovative technology to identify the risk of developing diabetic kidney disease to set preventive approaches to avoid patients ending dialysis. 
  8. Quibble – a SaaS company that does pricing and revenue management analytics for property managers of short-term rentals. 
  9. RumRatings – a CaaS (community as a service) technology platform where, unlike other social platforms focusing on connecting family and friends, users are brought together by products and passions that inspire them. 
  10. Terra Nostra – a family business dedicated to agriculture and manufacturing of frozen food products from the west side of Puerto Rico. 
  11. Trito Agro-Industrial Services (Tais) – provides services for domestic, commercial, and industrial recycling of food scraps and vegetative material. 

For more information about Unlock Capital contact or visit the Unlock website at