CDVCA Hosts SSBCI Peer Group Webinar

Last week CDVCA hosted an event about the State Small Business Credit Initiative – SSBCI – How to Raise Capital and Engage with the $10B Treasury Program. 

Karl Fooks, Outreach Manager, US Treasuries SSBCI Program, and a specialist and SSBCI VC Fund Technical Expert, presented CDVCA Peer Group fund managers with an overview of the SSBCI program, the current state of its rollout and implementation, ways to engage with and apply for funding from state programs and opportunities to partner and provide matching funds for awarded SSBCI programs.

Peer Group members learned how they can engage with SSBCI to continue to serve their low-income communities by investing in founders at all stages of the growth. Access information on your State award here. 

For more information on how CDVCA can support you or to receive a link to the recorded session please email Julian Wood at 

The CDVCA Peer Group is a network of experienced and emerging fund managers focused on increasing the number of diverse and emerging asset managers investing in businesses to create quality jobs and productive wealth in low-income communities. CDVCA provides educational webinars and services for Peer Group members to enable them to engage with one another and learn about various opportunities.