CDVCA is pleased to announce our investment in Beehive Industries, an integrated software company for public and private users

CDVCA is pleased to announce an investment in Beehive Industries, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based software company providing powerful digital solutions tailored for ease of deployment and user adoption. The company provides software via a SaaS model for asset management, maintenance management and utility billing to public entities at the local, county and state level as well as private and semi-private entities. Beehive helps its users identify the work required to keep their infrastructure operating efficiently and enables clients to assign, track and report on projects quickly and inexpensively. CDVCA has supported Beehive in multiple rounds of funding, and this recent investment will continue to catalyze job growth and economic development in a low-income community, while accelerating Beehive’s impact with a cloud-based go-to-market strategy.