Annual Peer Group Meetings

CDVCA holds a Peer Group Meeting each year for experienced managers of CDVC funds. The two-day Peer Group Meeting is an invitation-only event that brings together active investors for peer exchange, collaborative learning and networking.

The Peer Group Meeting sessions have a simple, but valuable format. At the beginning of the meeting we spend an hour as a group building an agenda for the rest of the afternoon. Topics in the past have ranged from the practical, such as specific methods to generate deal flow, to bigger picture issues, such as ways to position the industry for future growth.

We also ask those participants who wish to do so, to bring a problem or an issue they are currently grappling with and would like to share with the group. At several points during the meeting, these issues are addressed in a capacity that allows group feedback and constructive solutions. The Peer Group Meeting is a chance to learn from peers and experts in the best collaborative setting. 

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