Findings from the 5th Annual GIIN and J.P. Morgan Impact Investor Survey

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and J.P. Morgan have published the 5th edition of Eyes on the Horizon, their annual impact investor survey. Participants include a few of CDVCA’s member funds: Bridges Ventures, CEI Ventures, Inc., Pacific Community Ventures, and SJF Ventures.

Notable findings from the report:

Impact Investing is a growing sector. “One thing the survey does show is that there is significant and growing private capital out there that is interested in addressing social and environmental issues,” said Abhilash Mudaliar, research manager at the GIIN.

Increase in investment diversification. Investors report to plan the most growth in the energy, food and agriculture, health care, and education sectors. The region that the highest number of investors wanted to increase their investments in was Sub-Saharan Africa.

Two main challenges faced by investors. The two main challenges investors noted were “lack of appropriate capital across the risk/return spectrum” and “shortage of high quality investment opportunities with track record.”

Download the reportĀ here.