Consulting Services

CDVCA provides individualized consulting services to member funds, investors in funds, and other interested organizations to help strengthen and support their work. Our consultants are leaders in the community development venture capital field, with extensive investment experience. We can tailor our assistance to any organization at any stage of development.


CDVCA is uniquely positioned to help CDVC practitioners and investors meet the challenges of start-up, growth, or performance. CDVCA:

  • Is the trade organization for both domestic and international CDVC funds
  • Has worked extensively with CDVC funds and funds-in-formation, economic development agencies, foundations, venture capitalists, banks, and other providers of capital
  • Has developed CDVC best practices, offering valuable strategies and techniques from the industry’s leading practitioners
  • Serves as a national voice for the industry and an advocate for legislation and changes in regulations that benefit CDVC funds and the communities they serve
  • Is the leading resource for information and research on the field
  • Operates an extensive fund, and has experience with investments in CDVC funds and direct equity investments in businesses
  • Has in-depth knowledge of a variety of government programs important to the CDVC industry, including CDFI Fund programs, the New Markets Tax Credit, and Venture Capital programs

Our Team has:

  • Extensive experience in all aspects of finance, venture capital, and organization-building
  • In-depth knowledge of the CDVC industry, including best practices, the state of the art regarding structuring funds, and sources of capital for CDVC funds
  • Detailed knowledge of government, corporate and foundation programs for the CDVC industry

CDVCA’s consulting services are targeted to meet a variety of Community Development Venture Capital practitioners’ and investors’ needs.

Service offerings include:


CDVCA can assist in the creation of a CDVC fund from initial organization through fund launch:

  • Conduct market assessments and feasibility studies
  • Prepare business and capitalization plans
  • Structure funds and not-for-profit affiliates
  • Develop policies, procedures and financial projections
  • Recruit fund management teams

Performance and Operations.

CDVCA can help CDVC funds evaluate and improve their performance and internal operations:

  • Conduct reviews against industry best practices, and identify future opportunities and priorities
  • Determine optimal investment structures and exits
  • Develop or review investment procedures and social metrics
  • Implement management information systems

Government Programs and Fund-Raising.

CDVCA can help CDVC funds take advantage of both government-sponsored and private funding programs:

  • Develop capitalization and fund-raising strategies
  • Prepare applications and proposals for funding from sources such as the CDFI Fund, New Markets Venture Capital and Tax Credit programs, and corporate and private foundations

Services to Investors.

CDVCA can help investors in CDVC funds:

  • Design or review investment strategies
  • Structure and make investments in CDVC funds

Specialized Training.

CDVCA consultants can provide customized training for staff and board members of CDVC funds, as well as investors.