Partners and Resources

Partners and Resources

Partnering Organizations

Angel Capital Association

CDFI Coalition

Investor’s Circle

National Association of Seed & Venture Funds (NASVF)

Small Business Investor Alliance

Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities

Chamber of Commerce Foundation Talent Pipeline Management

Outside Articles/ Publications

High-Growth/ High-Impact Firms

Kauffman Foundation – High-Growth Firms and the Future of the American Economy

Kauffman Foundation –

Case Foundation –

U.S. Small Business Administration – Accelerating Job Creation in America: The Promise of High-Impact Companies

Impact Investing/ Social Finance

Ford Foundation –

Ford Foundation –

McKinsey & Company –

Rockefeller Foundation – A New Tool for Scaling Impact: How Social Impact Bonds Can Mobilize Private Capital to Advance Social Good

Bridges Ventures Impact Foundation –

IFC Impact Principles –


Social Finance –

Venture Capital/ Community Development Venture Capital

National Venture Capital Association – VC Industry Overview

Congressional Research Service – SBA New Markets Venture Capital Program

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