International CD/ED VC Funds

Below is a list of international community development/economic development funds. Click on the fund of interest for more information.

If your fund is either not listed or has incorrect information, please contact so that we may appropriately update our information.

Bridges Ventures Fund I

Bridges Ventures Fund II

Bridges Ventures Fund III


Emerging Europe Capital Partners I (CARESBAC Polska)

Fondo Transandino Colombia

Fondo Transandino Peru

Georgia Regional Development Fund

SEAF – Baltics Small Equity Fund

SEAF Blue Waters Growth Fund Limited

SEAF – Central & Eastern Europe Growth Fund

SEAF – Central Asia Small Enterprise Fund

SEAF India International Growth Fund

SEAF – Sichuan SME Investment Fund LLC (SSIF)

SEAF- Small Enterprise Assistance Funds

SEAF South Balkan Fund

SEAF – Trans-Balkan Bulgaria Fund LLC (TBBF)

SEAF Trans-Balkan Romania Fund

Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets