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January 17, 2020 – CDVCA 18th Peer group meeting is confirmed for San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is a closed-group meeting of established fund managers. Contact for further information.

January 7 2020 – CDVCA thoughts are with all citizens and residence of Puerto Rico after the terrible 6.5 earth quake that struck the island.

2020 – CDVCA Celebrates 25 years. Join us for our 25th Anniversary annual conference. Details to follow.

December 2019 – CDVCA Announces the launch at the Clinton Foundation 25th CDFI Anniversary of the Puerto Rico Fund for Growth II Fund. More details to follow.

2016 – CDVCA launches $45M Puerto Rico Fund for Growth I

2014 – CDVCA becomes Managing General Partner for $46M Innovate new York Fund

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