RAIN Source Capital

Fund Name: RAIN Source Capital

Target Regions/States for Investment: USA

Target Industries:

Website (for more information): http://www.rainsourcecapital.com/

Overview: RAIN Source Capital’s vision is to build a national community-based system of investors, capital and expertise to grow private companies close to where our investors live. RAIN Source Capital empowers angel investors (accredited investors) using a proprietary process to create, capitalize, and operate angel member managed fund called RAIN Funds.

What makes RAIN Source Capital unique is our twofold approach: our network of over 20 angel investor funds called RAIN Funds and our professionally managed funds called Empowerment Funds. These funds are capitalized by individual investors and institutions. Our Empowerment Funds are venture funds that provide capital to later stage companies: RAIN Junior Debt Fund-LP, RAIN Leasing Fund-LLC, and Invest Northwest (INW) Fund.


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