SEAF Trans-Balkan Romania Fund

Fund Name: SEAF Trans-Balkan Romania Fund

Target Regions/ Countries for Investment: Romania

Target Industries:

Website (for more information):

Overview: SEAF launched the Trans-Balkan Romania Fund (TBRF) in January 2001 to invest in promising small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country. At the time, Romania faced a deepening economic recession, characterized by rising unemployment and an underdeveloped middle economy. Nevertheless, Romania contained a growing faction of highly motivated and growth-oriented entrepreneurs poised to help their country develop a more diverse and sustainable economy. Despite the abundant opportunities for entrepreneurship, small businesses in Romania lacked access to essential growth capital to expand their business. Recognizing the potential for growth among Romania’s SMEs, SEAF, through our regional umbrella fund, the Trans-Balkan Fund launched TBRF to address this gap in available financing.

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